Black Feminist Vegan is dedicated to redefining wellness, empowering ethics, and shifting your awareness into action.

On this site, you’ll see veganism as a way of living through ecowomxnist and Black feminist values.

Meet the Guide

My name is Starr, I use they/them pronouns, and I am the radiant voice behind Black Feminist Vegan. (Hey!!! Thanks for being here!)

I am a food justice activist, educator and organizer from Northern Virginia.

My vegan journey began abruptly in August 2017, and BlackFeministVegan came to life just three months later. I noticed a huge gap in existing vegan media that complicated a Black feminist’s (or Black person’s) ability to see veganism as an intentional, necessary, revolutionary practice.


So, in an effort to fill that gap, I started out in this game where I plan to end — as a Black feminist voice of veganism, and a vegan voice of Black feminism.

My essay on “Food Justice and Race in the U.S.” was published by Sanctuary Publishers in Food Justice: A Primer. This essay reflects on the role and ability of social constructs to legitimize environmental injustice.



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“To heal the world, start within.”

~ Starr Carrington