Want to bring Black Feminist Vegan

to your community for vegan education

that centers Black/Brown narratives and experiences?


I would love to be of service! I believe in empowering learning environments, patience and compassion.

Available Services

Book Talks

Breakout Sessions, lecture with workshops

Facilitated Action Planning, constructing an action plan to empower vegan practices within a community or apply BlackFeministVegan resources

Interactive Classes, multiple sessions with a consistent group


…or maybe something else that you have in mind!

What topics do I best facilitate?

I’ve broken it down into three main topics that can have a plethora of subtopics. Sessions are tailored for audience based on their exposure to both vegan and Black feminist narratives, ideas, philosophies, practices and relevant topics. 

1. Veganism as a Liberation Practice

-How veganism related to Black feminism 

-How to use veganism as a practice in response to a holistic view of apartheid (medical apartheid, food apartheid, etc) for the purpose of liberation

-What it means to use veganism as a praxis for decolonization and how to achieve this consistently

-How to experience empowerment through connecting with the process of making our own food and supplies

-How an intentional vegan lifestyle symbolizes liberation

-Choosing values that center complete & collective liberation for your activism (and why it matters)

2. Veganism as an Anti-Capitalist Stance

Tangible ways that veganism could lead us to divest from capitalist systems when practiced intentionally and consciously. I’d touch on methods, language, maintenance and expansion.

How white supremacy functions through capitalist systems to uphold all methods of oppression (all oppression is interlinked)

-How to challenge capitalism through vegan Black feminist frameworks

-Why “boycotting processed vegan foods” should be the next step in your vegan journey (how to skip the stage of relying upon processed vegan foods, but also how experiencing this stage could be pivotal to one’s journey)

3. Action Items for Veganism

-How to be effective as a liberation activist and why single issue activism is harmful

-How to Check Yourself: discernment between single issue activism and focus or narrowing down one’s passions to a particular path within the liberation movement

-How to center Black/Brown experiences in your vegan outreach

-How to practice minimalism as abundance

-How to consistently support Black/Brown vegan activism

Since I also offer 1:1 coaching, I stay away from facilitating general topics such as how to transition to veganism as a Black person, how to shop vegan, how to determine healthy vegan from unhealthy vegan, etc.
We naturally have discussions like these during the coaching sessions, as we connect with one another. I’ve found that these are topics that are more effective to address individually. While they are general, tips and guidance will be different for each person depending on their journey and their relationship to veganism.

Things to Consider When Choosing A Service:

1. What you want to learn or take away from the discussion

2. What topic/subtopic will allow all of us to expand upon, or intentionally apply, what we already know

3. What new concepts and topics do you want to gain insight on

4. What topic within mainstream veganism would you like to hear more Black/Brown narratives for addressing


Payment always negotiable. I work with whatever is accessible to you.

In general, I accept four methods of payment. 

  1. Pay Per Entry – in this case, the booking itself would not cost the organization/group/collective; instead attendees or members would pay as they enter. Usually sliding scale ($3-$15).
  2. Pay Up Front – in this case, the booking would be paid for at least 72 hours before the event begins; thus, allowing the service itself to be free to the community. You name your price.
  3. Product/Service Exchange – in exchange for the delivery of my services, the group/individual could offer one of their products or services as form of payment
  4. Food Exchange – in exchange for the delivery of my services, the group/individual could offer vegan food (either provide food for the event or three meals worth of food for BlackFeministVegan)

Ready to Book?

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