Karen Washington: It’s Not A Food Desert, It’s Food Apartheid by Anna Brones

Karen Washington: It’s Not A Food Desert, It’s Food Apartheid by Anna Brones

Insightful article written by Anna Brones featuring Karen Washington- community activist, black farmer and cofounder of Black Urban Growers based in Bronx, NY.

“Washington is opposed to using the expression ‘food desert,’ which she calls ‘an outsider term’ that calls desolate places, rather than places with enormous potential, to mind. She prefers ‘food apartheid,’ which ‘brings us to the more important question: What are some of the social inequalities that you see, and what are you doing to erase some of the injustices?’”

In the article, the two discuss food apartheid, food sovereignty, the black farmer’s experience navigating a subsidized food system and the process of detangling whiteness from food justice efforts, scholarship and terminology.

Why a BFV Must Read? This article addresses: How “food desert” is an outsider term, Why community food movements need to be for us by us, why the intersection of class and race is a central topic food justice, and the indigenous roots/history of “food sovereignty” movement

Karen Washington: It’s Not a Food Desert, It’s Food Apartheid

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starr carrington is a Black bisexual nonbinary femme who is an artist, writer, facilitator and sensuality coach.

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