Concept of Compassion

I understand how it is difficult to learn lessons of compassion through the lens of white supremacy.

And even so, compassion itself is never to be mocked or taken lightly.

I am vegan because I know that my liberation does not require the oppression of any other living being, but also because my oppression does not make me numb to the oppression of any other living being. Through the program that pursued colonization of land and all of its “lesser” beings.

As we choose compassion, we continue to reclaim our humanity and our spirituality as we recognize the thread of oneness that runs through us all.

Today practice compassion.

For yourself. For your parents. For your friends.

For children. For your enemies. For non-human animals.

We all need it.

It is the one thing we all are fighting for.

It’s Time.

Published by starr carrington

starr carrington is a Black bisexual nonbinary femme who is an artist, writer, facilitator and sensuality coach.

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