Black, Indigenous People of Color Community Farms and Food Co-ops that you should know about!

Here is a (growing) list of folks who you can buy from, learn from, and work with. If you have any submissions or additions to this list, please email them to


Collectives (C)

Co-Operatives (CO)

Farms (F)

Environmental Education (ED)


Mandela Marketplace (CO)

Mandela MarketPlace is a non-profit organization that works in partnership with local residents, family farmers, and community-based businesses to improve health, create wealth, and build assets through local food enterprises in low-income communities.

Through community engagement, education, business cultivation, and financing, Mandela MarketPlace supports and resources the development and growth of locally owned economies and sustainable food systems.

City: Oakland, CA


Semillas Wellness (CO)(ED)

“Our programming intersects various of aspects of health and well-being through education, advocacy and practice. We envision having workshops and classes that raises awareness of the environmental, nutritional and social health that a community garden can offer.

We are a community cooperative and want to open the doors to community members to participate and contribute in the garden. “

City: Los Angeles, CA



Grow Where You Are (C)

“Grow Where You Are a grower led collective committed to increasing local food sovereignty by assisting individuals and communities in creating sustainable, plant-based local food systems. Grow Where You Are has transformed numerous urban spaces in disadvantaged neighborhoods in Atlanta by establishing community food gardens & vegetable farms.We partner with organizations and individuals to bring food abundance to communities and those who value real food.  We have been training residents in this dynamic form of urban agriculture for over ten years.”

City: Atlanta, GA



Catatumbo Cooperative Farm (CO)(F)(ED)

“Catatumbo Cooperative Farm is an emerging immigrant, queer, gender non conforming, workers’ cooperative farm located in South Chicago with cultivate produce and a younger generation of food justice activists. That’s the vision that Viviana Moreno, Nadia Sol Ireri Unzueta Carrasco and Jazmín Martinez, organizers and farmers based in Chicago’s Little Village neighborhood, are working to turn into reality. 44946555_1930517173696090_5942869560834129920_n.jpg

We’re approaching a worker-owned farm through an intersectional and holistic lens that understands that our community’s issues can be addressed in part by sustainable farming and food justice educational programs.” 

City: Chicago, IL



Grow Dat Youth Farm (F)

“The mission of Grow Dat Youth Farm is to nurture a diverse group of young leaders through the meaningful work of growing food. At Grow Dat, people from different backgrounds come together to create a more just and sustainable food system. On our farm we work collaboratively to grow food, educate and inspire youth and adults, and build power to create personal, social and environmental change.

We envision a vibrant New Orleans where youth and adults transform their communities, their environment, and themselves by engaging in the meaningful work of growing healthy food.”

City: New Orleans, LA



Glut Food Co-op (CO)

11051934_10152738353677291_4548591448859812993_n.jpg“Glut is a worker owned and operated natural food store which has been providing quality foods at reasonable prices for 40 years! We also offer environmentally friendly health and beauty products, food supplements, vitamins and sundries.

GLUT is a not-for-profit charitable trust, democratically managed by a collective. We support local and/or organic enterprises over conglomerates and agribusiness whenever possible. Glut has traditionally supported peace, environmental and social justice movements. This is rooted in our founding by conscientious objectors during the Vietnam War.”

City: Mount Rainer, MD

Contact: 301-779-1978

New York

 Soul Fire Farm (F)(ED)

“Soul Fire Farm is committed to ending racism and injustice in the food system. We raise life-giving food and act in solidarity with people marginalized by food apartheid.”

City: Petersburg, NY


Green Worker Cooperatives (CO)

“Green Worker Cooperatives is based in the South Bronx and serves immigrants and communities of color.  We build, grow, and sustain worker-owned green businesses to create a strong, local, and democratic economy rooted in racial and gender equity.”

City: New York, NY


Interlocking Roots (C)

Interlocking Roots is a network of QT*BIPoC farmers, foodies, and earth stewards. We center food and earthwork as decolonization tools to combat isolation, trauma, and accountability within our movement, community, and work spaces. We connect with one another, share lessons, affirm queer and trans* identities through our plant ancestor and life stories, talk about queer ecology, strategize and eat together! We honor our multifaceted strategies for liberation as sacred rituals that will transcend volatile political times and nourish our collective spirit.

City: New York


Rootwork Herbals (ED)

20170715-DSCF5093.jpg“Rootwork Herbals seeks to serve our community through herbal education, consultations and handcrafted remedies that are high quality and accessible to all. We strive to inspire and empower people to take back responsibility for their health utilizing plant medicine in a way that is bioregional, regenerative and joyful.”

Woke Foods (CO)

“Woke Foods is a women owned food service cooperative that taps into the healing traditions of Dominican and other Afro-Caribbean food to create recipes, host cooking classes, teach workshops and cater events.

What is WOKE? Woke is a state of consciousness that allows us to understand how politics influences our personal lives. Woke Foods believes mindful eating and ancestral foods is a way to keep our cultural traditions alive. Our food is influenced by the flavors of the Dominican Republic, and prepared with plant-based ingredients  in other words: no meat. We are a socially conscious, sustainable green food business. We use food as a tool to leverage our political and spiritual power.

City: New York, NY


WILDSEED Community Farm and Healing Village (C)(F)

WILDSEED-Fall-Brunch-for-web.jpg“WILDSEED is an emerging Black and Brown-led, feminine-centered, queer-loving, earth-based intentional community, organic farm, healing sanctuary, and political and creative home forming on 181 acres in Millerton, NY, 2 hours north of NYC.

 We are a collective of people committed to stewarding this incredible resource as a permanent safe space for the sustenance and strength of Black, Indigenous and People Of Color, Queer and trans folks, those impacted by the criminal (in)justice system, and other communities on the frontlines of ecological disruption.”

City: Millerton, NY



North Philly Peace Park (CO)

North Philly Peace Park’s primary objectives are to provide the Sharswood neighborhood with healthy food options, provide education for young people and to stimulate the microeconomy. It is their mission to see the potential in abandoned land and food deserts and to become productive sources of food supply and community building.

Afrofuturism—a reimagining of arts, technology and history through a black lens—played an integral part in the design process for North Philly Peace Park. Read more about the history behind North Philly Peace Park here.

City: Philadelphia, PA


Washington, DC

Dreaming Out Loud (ED)

“Dreaming Out Loud is rebuilding urban, community-based food systems through social enterprise, helping to increase access to healthy food and improve community health, develop low-income entrepreneurs and cooperatives, and train at-risk adult residents for sustainable, family-supporting wages.

Dreaming Out Loud’s mission is to create economic opportunities for the DC metro region’s marginalized community members through building a healthy, equitable food system. We envision resilient communities with equitable economic opportunity, family supporting wages, high quality education for all, and a healthy environment.”

City: Washington, DC


Three Part Harmony Farm (F)


Three Part Harmony Farm is a small-scale agroecological farm, located on a 2-acre parcel in northeast Washington, DC. They grow mostly vegetables as well as herbs, cut-flowers and we have a greenhouse nursery operation that supplies local community and school gardens as well as two locally owned hardware stores.

They are using sustainable practices, without chemical pesticides or herbicides.

City: Washington, DC





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