Hey, folx!

So, as you may have guessed, this ain’t it. I’ll just dive right in.

If this is a statement that you don’t see anything wrong with, I could understand that given the general classist undertone to the mainstream vegan narrative. What many people don’t realize, though, is that aside from being classist the mainstream vegan movement is also just non human-friendly white supremacy in a lot of ways.

Let me tell you how.

*referring to featured photo*

This feeling of hopelessness isn’t a unique experience.

Imagine trying to remain hopeful… for ya own life. Or that of your children.

I believe that your advocacy for needless violence would be more effective in addressing the system that normalized it in the first place, instead of providing a pedestal for  people witnessing “the darker side of humanity” for the very first time through veganism.

Vegans are not the first to come in contact with “innocent people” committing violence who “otherwise mean well.” So-oometimes, we witness people upholding a structure that repeatedly endangers our own lives.

Lastly, you know what is apart of the problem? White supremacy. Like this white supremacist ass post. Newsflash: this violence didn’t birth itself. It has a purpose and an origin. It stems from the same structure and system that this person was utilizing to hold marginalized people responsible for their own oppression. 

Hold capitalism and white supremacy accountable, dear! Or your are apart of the problem! Shit.

Oh, and one last thing regarding needless violence for one’s own pleasure. I hope you are holding yourself accountable to learn about violence against workers within the food system. Because, see, by perpetuating the narrative that non-vegan individuals are the problem…

You forget to consider the system that normalized this needless violence against society’s “undesireables’ for its own maintenance and success. You forget to the consider the fact that we all, vegans especially, need to analyze how to minimize the cruelty and exploitation caused by our food choices under capitalism.

If your veganism is not anti-capitalist in nature, you may want to make sure it is not white supremacy. For example, telling a story about how “seeing people continue to patronize the circus made my white kid cry because they were so appalled by how people could be so careless about life.” Frankly, love, there are brown kids seeking asylum at this very moment whose eyes water every day (from the tear gas, that is, because they’re too numb from living in a war zone to cry anymore) who can’t help but wonder who would ever do this to them.

(And the circus thing we can discuss more in detail later, but what I will say now is that everyone should have been boycotted circuses and zoos  upon learning that Black people were once the main attraction… but wait, that’s unrelated. Well. We’ll chat later about that.)

Long story short, if you’re not interested in talking about them, then why should your white child’s tears mean a thing to anybody. In fact, white saviorism is not important to veganism at all anymore. 

And it never should have been.

Your discomfort with needless violence is not a reason for anyone to engage in social change. What should be enough to engage in social change, though, is realizing that there is a system of needless violence that exploits the lives of anyone outside of their definition of humanity. That impacts Brown people, Black people, trans people, people with disability, and any combination of the above. As well as nonhuman animals…The land and Her natural resources. 

Or more simply stated, you forget the real problem. The structure of white supremacy and the system of capitalism.

Stop this. Also can we generally stop pretending as though this type of shamey content does anything for one’s vegan transition other than continuing a shamey ass trend of shaming. Educate yourself on the true problem of veganism. And make sure you aren’t a large shiny emblem of it! 

And that’s all, folx!

Thank you for sharing space with me today.

If you haven’t already seen New to Food Justice Activism, go check it out! 

Purchase your copy of Food Justice: A Primer today. Let me know your thoughts on my chapter Food Justice and Race in the U.S. 

As always, keep up with me on Instagram: @BlackFeministVegan.

Published by starr carrington

starr carrington is a Black bisexual nonbinary femme who is an artist, writer, facilitator and sensuality coach.

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