“What would cows do if we didn’t eat them?”

Well. 🙂 You’re looking at it!

Productivity is a harmful element that is a huge determinant of one’s worth or value in a capitalist society.

You know, this question was often (and is often) asked when referring to enslaved (+ incarcerated) people.

If they didn’t work for us, they’d be lost! They would have *no contribution* to our [capitalist] society. They have no purpose; we give them purpose. In a way… they’re lucky to have us! ••

Productivity = value.

It’s the reason why we “can’t” stay in bed past 12.

It is why a functioning, enslaved Black body was more useful than a dead one—

a dead one can’t work for you.


An emaciated, mutilated, tortured body could work so long as they make use of that last thread they are hanging by. And we don’t even recognize those experiences because doing so would recognize the life that the body holds and the fact that it is a conscious being…But the way enslavement + industrialization works is to make bodies into machines.

To exhaust these bodies to the brink of death, but making sure to ger every drop of their blood, sweat, milk (yep, this applies to BW too) before they drop….

What would they do?

They would be.

They would just be.

What I want everyone to realize, here, is that when we ask this we are actually asking “what would we do with them.”

And the answer is nothing.

White supremacy is the mindset and tactic through which all forms of exploitation thrive. It programs an entitlement to one’s body and one’s life.

White supremacy does not have to govern your values…

let’s be intentional and recreate value/worth on our own terms.

To me, life = value.

I see equal value in all life and I actually mean that.

It has been a journey, but divesting from white supremacist notions that govern my mind and body really helped me realize—

who am I, but a white supremacist, to determine the life purpose of another being?

So today- consider this…

What would do if capitalism didn’t eat you?

How would you spend your day?

New Podcast Episode on Tuesday.🗣🥒 p.s. My favorite animal is a cow.

Published by starr carrington

starr carrington is a Black bisexual nonbinary femme who is an artist, writer, facilitator and sensuality coach.

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