Perhaps you’re looking for some immediate action to take that aligns with your growing understanding of food justice.

Let’s start here with why we should be actively boycotting Safeway in solidarity with the #ShameOnSafeway campaign. Safeway upholds property restriction practices that disallow another grocery store to occupy the space of a former Safeway location for an allotted time period.

In Vallejo, this restriction lasted up to 15 years which left the community without an accessible, fully functioning grocery store once the local Safeway relocated.

This practice is a salient contributor to food insecurity in both urban (Washington, DC) and rural communities (Vallejo, CA).

My stance? Access to fresh produce and other healthy foods is not a privilege, it is a human right that all communities deserve. The presence of markets and grocers plays a fundamental role in providing this access. In an effort to exercise their ownership over a space, Safeway prevents vulnerable communities from accessing the resources necessary to live a healthful lifestyle. While store relocation may not affect those with access to reliable transportation, families and individuals that utilize less convenient transportation methods are not considered.

Withhold your support for this practice of injustice by boycotting Safeway and taking subsequent steps to embolden the campaign. Start by signing the petition, and continue by leafletting at your local Safeway or just within your networks.

Our goal? We are demanding that Safeway remove the deed that prevents grocery stores from operating through at a former location.

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(photo from Food Empowerment Project)

Published by starr carrington

starr carrington is a Black bisexual nonbinary femme who is an artist, writer, facilitator and sensuality coach.

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