#YourBFVGuide is a personalized transitioning plan to facilitate a holistic transition for BIPoC community members, LGBTQ+ identified folks, and/or social justice activists with access to veganism.

The content and coaching sessions are delivered through Black queer feminist ideology while highlighting the importance of decolonization as a catalyst to our activism.

Most importantly, this guide is designed to meet you exactly where you are in your vegan journey.

This guide includes culturally relevant content and tangible resources related to circumstances that complicate transitioning- anywhere from living in a non-vegan household or on a college campus, staying under $30 a week, or transferring the taste of your favorite foods to the struggle to identify concrete tips on how to shop, eat, or navigate social situations as a potential Black vegan.

My Goal: To help you acquire the vegan lens and help you find the resources necessary to achieve your goal.

Your Goal: Can be whatever you make it!


Through this personalized transitioning guide, BFV hopes to extend a versatile program that:

pertains to your particular neighborhood,

aligns with your personal goals and

holistically supports your transition on a daily basis.

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