Through her social handle, BlackFeministVegan, Starr advocates for food justice, provides educational resources, and shares transitional tips specifically for Black and brown people.

Fact: the 6 Week Transition Program includes a free intake assessment!

You only pay for coaching sessions and personalized cooking demos (meaning, you give me a challenge of veganizing your favorite meals and we accept it together!)

Recommended for:
•Nonvegans who have a 6 week transitioning goal that they need help fulfilling and  maintaining (i.e. transition from vegetarian to veganism, transition from Standard American Diet to a more plant-based lifestyle, transition from heavy meat eater to a nondependent meat eater, transition from one plant-based lifestyle to incorporate more options)

•Vegetarians who are very passionate about committing to this transition, but need supplementary educational materials, grocery store guidance
•New plant-based eaters/vegans who want to come confident and independent enough in their knowledge of a vegan lifestyle to navigate social gatherings, grocery shopping and traveling  

•Nonvegans/vegetarians/new vegans who want to become an inspiration and example to their family and friends who may be interested in transitioning
•Nonvegans who want to become informed about how to transition so that they may do so most effectively once they are ready to begin

Interested? Email Starr at to learn more!

Want to start with a smaller plan? Learn about our Lite and Basic transition plans!

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