[NEW!] Two great reads by BlackFeministVegan

The Journey Will Not Be Televised: Why Black Folk Choose Vegan. In my experience, I’ve learned that a Black person’s choice to go vegan is motivated by reclamation of health. For many, this is true- and for many others, the journey expands upon, and relies upon, values of anti-capitalism and anti-oppression. Interested in this read? […]

Compassion: The Disruptor of Oppression

Understanding plant based living as a place from which we begin breaking down oppression as it exists inside and outside of us. Join us on Saturday, June 29th at 4PM at The Arc (1901 Mississippi Ave SE, DC). This is a panel discussion to spotlight black, brown, and indigenous lived experiences. Our panelists include Danni McGhee […]

5 Phrases That EMPOWER Your Vegan Journey

[CLICK HERE TO WATCH: PHRASES TO EMPOWER YOUR VEGAN JOURNEY] Hi ❤ I hope this video gave you insight on how to shift your language to empower yourself on this vegan journey! I intend for these shifts to reflect your intentional CHOICE to pursue a compassionate lifestyle. If you liked this video, give it a […]

Write to the Point: An Advocacy Writer’s Workshop

During a time where we are constantly consuming information, the way in which we process, apply and share this information is what determines our ability to be a change. This workshop aims to empower participants to play an active role when engaging with written text, as both a reader or writer. Write to the Point […]

A Week In Review: Speaking on community-led food justice efforts

What an amazing week! On Monday, at The People’s Survival Program, I had the pleasure to facilitate a critical community discussion on the Black Panther Party, and specifically, the People’s Free Food Program. In addition to analyzing the accomplishments of the People’s Free Food Program, we unpacked the logistics of the program and elements of […]

NEW! Food Justice Course

Hi everyone! THANK YOU for all the love and support! I’m ecstatic to deliver my first BlackFeministVegan course!!! COURSE NAME: Intro to Food Justice COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course provides an introductory understanding of food justice that centers vegan and Black feminist liberation values. The goal is to facilitate lasting change in your approach to food […]

Shop Smarter Not Harder – A Trip to Mom’s Organic Market

[CLICK HERE TO WATCH: SHOP SMARTER NOT HARDER – A TRIP TO MOM’S ORGANIC MARKET] Hi, friend! Thanks for watching. I hope this video gave you insight on some of what my smart-saver grocery shopping practices, my favorite snacks and one of my favorite places to buy them! If you liked this video, give it […]