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Exclusive Anti-Exclusion Club: Why It’s Dangerous to Exclude White People from Black/Brown Vegan Activist Spaces

Good morning, beautiful Brown people! I’ve got a loaded question for us today. Why would we exclude people in the conversation of exclusion? Why are we uncomfortable with white people entering discussions that center us? Placing a boundary around those who enter the space with carelessness, hurtfulness and bigotry is valid (across all bases – […]


Concept of Compassion

I understand how it is difficult to learn lessons of compassion through the lens of white supremacy. And even so, compassion itself is never to be mocked or taken lightly. I am vegan because I know that my liberation does not require the oppression of any other living being, but also because my oppression does […]


Where Black Meets Green

This summer, Fuel the People would like to bring a Black vegan resource fair for our community that non-vegans, transitioning vegans/vegetarians, and vegans will all enjoy! It will be educational, delicious and fun. Where Black Meets Green will be held on Sunday, June 17th at Martin Luther King Jr. Park in Alexandria, VA! Open to […]


Karen Washington: It’s Not A Food Desert, It’s Food Apartheid by Anna Brones

Karen Washington: It’s Not A Food Desert, It’s Food Apartheid by Anna Brones Insightful article written by Anna Brones featuring Karen Washington- community activist, black farmer and cofounder of Black Urban Growers based in Bronx, NY. “Washington is opposed to using the expression ‘food desert,’ which she calls ‘an outsider term’ that calls desolate places, rather […]