Episode 4: Who Real, Who Fake – How to Donate Effectively, Eliminate the Third Party, Find Books for Vegans of Color and Reject Celebrity Activism

No time to depend upon others to make the change that we want to see or lead the impact that we feel should be made. Dependence on capitalist structures to regulate when and how much we give is unreliable. Some people/orgs appreciate monetary donations as a way to be compensated for a skill without further […]

Episode 3: We’re Making History, Which Side Are You On?

Convenience isn’t a reason to commit to something. We are at a time where we need to challenge and question societal norms beyond what the mainstream moral compass. Until we live in a vegan world, it is necessary to make sacrifices. The real question is posed to us now: if we were alive during times […]

EPISODE TWO: That’s the Motto, Y.G.V.O

Be encouraged to reject vegan narratives, activists or platforms that disregard your lived experiences, promote white supremacy, contradict your values, or commit violence to one or more of your identities. EPISODE TWO: That’s the Motto, Y.G.V.O. (You Only “Go Vegan” Once.) Three Word Check-In: Tired, Grateful, Serene Affirmation: I am Resilient Black/Brown Vegan You Should […]

EPISODE ONE: How to Support Black/Brown Vegan Activists

EPISODE ONE: How to Support Black/Brown Vegan Activists  Three Word Check-In: Excited, Grounded, Supported Affirmation: I am Ready. Black/Brown Vegan You Should Know: Brenda Sanders, Executive Director of Afro-Vegan Society Thrive Baltimore: http://thrivebaltimore.org/home/ Afro-Vegan Society: http://www.afrovegansociety.org PEP Foods: http://www.pepfoodsinc.com/ The Greener Kitchen: https://www.mdveganeats.com/greener-kitchen-menu/ Brenda’s IG is @veganfoodjustice Background Info: New to Food Justice Activism? Discussion: How […]