These courses are all about improving and informing: your ethical consumption under capitalist systems, your relationship with veganism or plant-based living, or your understanding of Black feminism. And, any combination of the above! 

cropped-blackfeministvegan_horizontal_color-1-1.pngThese courses are created with the intention to provide an in-depth education and facilitation of content shared on the website.

Through the courses, I’ll provide space and opportunity for:

  • synthesis, by citing published literature, organized seminars and conferences, and notable experts;
  • critical engagement, by challenging mainstream notions of the concept, by facilitating discussions related to content, and by unpacking the results of white terrorist capitalist systems; and
  • confidence, by exploring tangible ways for you to invest in food justice, by empowering you with skills to facilitate related conversation, and by providing relevant resources to support your journey.


Intro to Food Justice (hybrid) – $175.00

capacity: 7

dates: 06/03-06/23

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