Intro to Food Justice


COURSE DATES: 06/03/19-06/23/19

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course provides an introductory understanding of food justice that centers vegan and Black feminist liberation values. The goal is to facilitate lasting change in your approach to food justice education, organizing and advocacy.

It is primarily self-paced with the exception of group connections, and includes only suggested due dates. It is a hybrid course— while most material will be offered online, the group connections will be held in-person in DC.

Please be available to physically or electronically join us at both group connections on the following dates between 1pm-4pm: Saturday, June 8th and Saturday, June 22nd.

The fee for this course is $175.00 USD. (Course fee waivers available upon request)


  • 1 Workbook: This workbook outlines the purpose, the practice and the proposal for each lesson. The purpose discusses how this lesson is critical in one’s journey to achieving food justice. The practice displays efforts you can take to align your action with food justice values. The proposal illustrates an effective demand or initiative that food justice groups or individuals are working toward.
  • 6 Lessons:  Each lesson includes-
      • A recorded video lecture (30 min)
      • A powerpoint (7-10 Slides)
      • A prompted journal entry (Written/Video/Audio)
      • A short comprehension quiz (5 questions)
      • Supplementary PDF lecture material (articles, case studies, literature reviews, and comprehensive reports)
    •  Lesson Outline-
      • (Lesson 1) What is Food Justice?
      • (Lesson 2) What is a Food System?
      • (Lesson 3) Functions of Food Apartheid: Workers and Consumer
      • (Lesson 4) Ways to Combat Injustice: Food Collectives and Cooperatives
      • (Lesson 5) Roles We Play: Fair Trade, Factory Farming and Food Shopping
      • (Lesson 6) Folx Doing the Work: Impactful Food Justice Groups and Individuals
  • 2 Group Connections: The group connections are an opportunity to connect with other members of the cohort to engage in a critical discussion topic about what has been learned. The purpose is to amplify voice, share meaningful dialogue, actualize resources, and build community. Each discussion is expected to last 1 hour. First group connection is on Saturday, June 8th and the second group connection is on Saturday, June 22nd.

All material will be available at the beginning of the course.


Application live on April 10th 

Applications due by May 12th at 3:00PM

Notification of acceptance between May 20th-24th

Payment due by June 2nd at 11:59PM


06/03 – Course begins

06/08 – First group connection

06/09 – Two journal entries complete

06/15 – (optional) 1:1 connection

06/16 – Two journal entries complete

06/22 – Second group connection

06/23 – Last two journal entries complete

06/23 – Course ends


The application is live now!


Please contact me at and stay tuned for upcoming info sessions.

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